Manda Mellett
I love writing! Only an author can get away with listening to those voices in their head, and admit it!

After gaining my psychology degree and then spending three years doing research, I've had a long and varied career during which I had the opportunity to meet with a range of interesting people from a range of backgrounds. As well as all manner of things I've picked up during my working life I've had a vast range of other experiences too. All I of this I call on in writing my books.

I currently live in Essex, UK with my husband of thirty years and two energetic Irish Setters. Walking them affords me the opportunity to think about plot lines in my head (when I'm not trying to stop them chasing pheasants).

I have a wonderful twenty-three year old son, and while I don't see him as often as I like, really enjoy it when I do. There's nothing better than a night in with him and a bottle of wine as we catch up.

I can't see myself stopping writing anytime soon, as those voices keep talking to me.

I'm grateful to all my beta readers, editor, cover designer/formatter, PA and of course to my readers who keep me going.

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