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Tickety Tock

Wicked Warriors MC Arizona Chapter

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Iím used to women overlooking me in preference to my taller and admittedly more dashing brothers. Even if I see her first, one glance at them, and they can easily steal her away.
Thereís no point in hanging onto someone who doesnít want to stay, but for once in my life Iíd like to find a woman of my own who wants only me.
Have to admit I didnít hold out hope of finding her, and definitely didnít expect it to be one who literally swept my wheels from under me.
Not that I knew it at first. My downed bike made me too angry, until I, too, began to experience her fear.
For the first time in my life I discovered thereís more to this world than can be explained away with logic and reason.
Do I believe in ghosts?
I didnít, until I met Raven.