(Blood Brothers 3.5)
Satan's Devils MC #1
A spin off novel

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All I did was try to help my best friend Zoe escape from  her abusive boyfriend, but neither of us realised the power he has until a hit and run accident punishes me for the aid Iíd given her, leaving me in a wheelchair. I donít want to live anymore, whatís the point? I canít do the things I used to, and no man will want me now.

Then, almost at my lowest point of despair, I find my nightmare is only beginning when Zoe escapes again. Now Ethan wants me as leverage to get her back.

But even as she ran, Zoe made arrangements to help me, and thatís how I end up under the protection of the Satanís Devils, an outlaw motorcycle club in Arizona. The woman I was would have been in her element among a group of handsome, rugged bikers; the disabled woman I am now feels scared and vulnerable, and soon I find this isnít the safest place to hide.

But thereís a contract out on me, and useless as I am, thereís nowhere else for me to go.

But thereís one reason for me to stay, the VP of the Satanís Devils who teaches me to feel like a whole woman again.


She doesnít fit into our world. Fuck, even if she wasnít in that damn wheelchair sheíd be out of her element. Our American ways are foreign to her, let alone those of bikers. But as soon as I saw her something attracted me to her, even though our Prez made it clear we were protecting her, and she wasnít fresh meat for the boys.

I knew from the start I wanted her, but also that I would have to be patient. She thinks sheís undesirable, is scared of taking a man to her bed as though her disability defines who she is. Iím going to need to teach her sheís wrong.

Sophie is broken in more ways than one, but as she regains her independence, gradually the woman she was starts to emerge and itís then I take my chance.

But thatís the point when it all goes to shit. Sheís under our protection, but we fail to protect her from one of our own. And when a contract to abduct her is taken on by a rival biker club and one of our prospects is killed, it becomes more than just about her, we have to protect our club.

Manda Mellett books are published by Trish Haill Associates.  All copyright reserved 2017
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Manda Mellett books are published by Trish Haill Associates.  All copyright reserved 2017