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Wretched Soulz MC

Part of the Mayhem Makers Series releasing Feb 4 2023

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As a nomad I spend all my time travelling the road, moving from place to place, with little or nothing pulling me back to what could be considered home.

That is, until I get a call from my prez, demanding I return.

I make my way back to the clubhouse, traversing hundreds of miles and making use of rest stops on the way. At one, I find a discarded book, brand new, with a date, a dedication, and the signature of the author inside.

I take it as the owner wasnít around.

Then I was schooled that a book so recently purchased, and direct from the author, was likely to be a prized possession, and only accidentally left behind.

Not usually one to feel guilty, I have this crazy idea to reunite book and owner.

I didnít realise that, for a woman I didnít even know, Iíd end up putting my life on the line.