Satan's Devils MC
Second Generation

No, I'm not going to write a Second Generation series I said. Ha! Those characters have different ideas and we're kicking off with Amy's Santa.

Amy, daughter of Heart and his first wife, Crystal.

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I may be twenty-seven years old, yet every year going home for Christmas is something I eagerly look forward to. I can never wait to get back and see my dad, Heart, my stepmom and my younger brother and sisters, as well as the proxy cousins, uncles and aunts who I grew up with. The Satan’s Devils MC has been my family for all of my life.

This year, though, I’m dreading it, knowing there are so many people who’ll be disappointed in me if the truth comes out. 

They’d know something was wrong if I didn’t go home.

They’ll know something’s wrong as I fear I won’t be able to hide it.

Xander’s been my rock since the night my world imploded. For three months he’s barely left my side, and he’s promised he won’t stop now. Maybe with him I can pretend everything is fine.

One thing for certain, I mustn’t let my MC family into my secret. If they knew what had happened, they’d blame me for certain. Worse, they’d want to take matters into their own hands.

I can do this. I can join in the celebrations and pretend that there’s nothing wrong. Can’t I?
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