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Twister Throttle (Satan's Devils MC Second Generation #3)

Who the hell has the guts and nerve to stalk the enforcer of the Satanís Devilís MC?

The cops? Maybe. A club enemy? More likely. A scorned woman? No, they know the score, one memorable night, thatís all theyíll ever get.

It must be someone crazy.

Who would dare cross me? I was born into the club, my
dad, Peg, was the previous sergeant-at-arms. Iím not weak, though constantly watching over my shoulder is unsettling, even for me.

Who is it, and what do they want to achieve?

At first itís innocuous enough, gifts from an unknown admirer, a car following me, but never getting close. Phone calls with nobody speaking. Then it takes a turn for the worst.

Before I can discover who it is, my world implodes. I donít want to be a husband. I donít want a woman of my own. I have years before I even think of settling down.

Fate, it seems, has other plans.

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