Being Lost (Satan's Devils MC San Diego #1)

All my life, it seems, Iíve made mistakes. Once, I lost everything. Failure seems to follow me around.

I didnít spot what a snake Snake wasóhe had planned a mutiny right under my nose. Yeah, he did well when he appointed me as his VP. I followed him blindly, never suspecting a thing.

Now Snake is dead and Iím the prez. I still spend my days doubting myself, but Iíve got the whole MC depending on me. If I get it wrong, it wonít just be me who goes down.

Then I meet her, a woman who needs me to keep her safe. I should warn her to stay far away, tell her Iím not a man she should lean on. Iím not a person to trust when I donít have faith in myself.


Choices, always choices. I thought I did right when I left everything behind to make a new life, choosing which of my two adult children now needed me the most.

We should have been safe in our new life-nobody knew who we were.

But weíve been found.

Luckily, before danger strikes, the Satanís Devils ride up to our door.

Iím no spring chicken. Iím not looking for a man in my life. But I need protection, I need help. Itís time to make a stand and not run anymore.

Thereís only one man I can depend on to keep us safe. The trouble is, heís Lost.

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