Being the enforcer for the Satanís Devils MC is a tough job, but someoneís got to do it.

I canít allow myself to be distracted, can never let the softer side of me out. Having suppressed it so long, I no longer believe I have one.

Women are there for one purpose only. Once Iíve relieved my itch, Iíll move on. Canít afford to let them get close. I learned women canít be trusted a very long time ago.
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Iím used to dealing with men, extracting that last piece of information from them, using all the tools at my disposal to get to the truth. After that, Iíll deal the killing blow.

I donít know how to handle a woman whoís keeping secrets from the club. Secrets which I need to know. I canít hurt her, so Iíll have to use different methods instead.


I became involved with the wrong man. What I know could destroy him, and I fear, bring down the Satanís Devils too. Heís paying them, after all.

So Iíll keep quiet, I wonít tell anyone a thing. I canít afford to.

Who can I trust and depend on? Only myself.

When the Satanís Devils find me, I canít think itís going to be good for my health. The enforcer, well, I donít like him. Heís arrogant, cocky, women are just play things to him. So why is he trying to get close?

He wants me to tell him my secrets. How far will he go to ferret them out?

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