Books by Manda Mellett
Blood Brothers Series

Bound by ties closer than blood; sheikhs and their bodyguards come together in a series featuring healthy doses of BDSM. Scenes of violence and sex restrict these books to 0ver 18s only.
1 Stolen Lives
2 Close Protection
3 Second Chances
4.Identity Crisis
5 Dark Horses

6 Hard Choices
Satan's Devils MC

An outlaw motorcycle club based near Tucson Arizona. Originally started as a spin-off after Second Chances (blood Brothers #3) but developed a life and following of its own.

Rough, tough, alpha male bikers riding through life without a care in the world, until they meet that special woman who knocks them off their feet. Violence, foul language and sexy scenes means these books are for an 18+ audience only.
1Turning Wheels
2 Drummer's Beat
4 Targeting Dart
.Slick Running
5 Heart Broken
6 Peg's Stand
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7 Rock Bottom
8 Joker's Fool
9 Mouse Trapped
1. Paladin's Hell
Paladin's Hell (Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter

Release date 7th Dec.

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