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Demon's Angel (satan's Devils MC Colorado #2)


Before Nathan died, Violet had been the annoying child who’d followed us around. As a teenager, she’d developed an annoying crush on me.

My promise to my best friend had been to watch over his little sister, a debt I considered paid when she was grown and settled out of state.

Ten years later she’s back in my town, this time with a baby in tow.
Now twenty-five, she’s the one who’s got me twisted up in knots.

But she’s Nathan’s sister. She needs help, I can give it-as a replacement big brother of course.

She’d be horrified if she knew what I’d really like to do to her.

It’s embarrassing to remember last time I’d seen Demon I’d been an incorrigible flirt.

When we meet again, I realise my feelings have matured, but not changed over the years. I still want him. 

He doesn’t see me that way, treating me just like he would a sister. Stepping into Nathan’s shoes to help me out of trouble.

I do need someone’s help. But it hurts that he’s only offering to keep a promise made to my dead brother.

I’ve become involved in a war. Now, because of the debt Demon thinks he owes, I’m dragging the Satan’s Devils into it with me. 

But having to deal with unreciprocated feelings is nothing compared with keeping my son safe and out of the clutches of his real father.