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I wasnt the type of woman a biker would go for. Im a homemaker type, not adventurous or bold.

I fought it hard, but he dragged me into his world, and I found I liked it. Loved the family vibe, how everyone would gather around to protect what was theirs.

Until, he vanished. Disappeared off the face of the earth. Hed pulled me in, now hes gone. The only explanation for him not coming back is that hes dead.


She wasnt mine, and never could be. Shed been claimed by someone else. The perfect woman who I could never have as my own.

I stepped up when she needed someone beside her. Held her when she needed a friend. That my brother was dead was something Id help her accept.

The truth though, that hit the hardest. How could any of us deal with the knowledge that there was something worse than death?