Heart Broken


Crystal, my wife, old lady and soulmate is dead. Thereís no way to survive, nothing for me to live for. All I want to do is to join her.

I donít want to take my own life, but if someone does it for me, so much the better.

She shouldnít have died, she shouldnít have left me. My love for her fuelling such an uncontrollable rage it wonít be long before I upset the wrong person. I already have, but my club did me no favour, only banishing me, instead of killing me.

Now here I am, a solitary biker out on the road with no brothers behind me, my only company the ghost of my old lady.

Then the cop starts calling me. And I start to live for those calls. My Prez would kill me if he knew I was talking to the detective, but somehow I canít stop. Police and outlaw motorcycle clubs cannot, and do not, mix.


I rang to update him on the investigation into Crystalís murder, my only concern to give the biker closure for the death of his wife. I didnít expect to be talking to someone who was suicidal, nor that I would have to expose the loss in my own life to talk him down from the ledge.

I didnít expect weíd become friends.

Iím a cop. The natural enemy of the Satanís Devils MC. They hated me when I called on them to help Heart, but if I couldnít involve them, heíd end up dead.

If it wasnít for me, heíd no longer be breathing. But cops and bikers donít mix. Feelings donít even come into it. Even our friendship must come to an end.

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