Identity Crisis(Blood Brothers #4)
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When a Ďpackageí is left for me at Grade Aís reception, Iím stunned to find itís a baby along with a note suggesting that apparently, Iím the father and that her motherís in danger. But who and where is the woman who birthed her?

My employers, Grade A, support my need to find her, and for some reason, Ben teams me up with Vanessa. It will be her first time investigating in the field and I know she isnít prepared to be thrown into something like this.


Iíve always fancied Sean, well, who wouldnít? But when I discover heís fathered a child and hasnít a clue with whom, it brings home to me just the kind of man he is. Despite my longings, heís never going to change, is he?

So when Ben offers me my first job out of the office, Iím not happy being paired with Sean, I donít do babies, and the last thing I want is to spend time close to one. But as I join him on his search I grow to see the man underneath the shallow exterior and find it gets harder to resist my attraction to him.

And when his baby is kidnapped, I need to find out if I can step up and put my life on the line.
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