Stolen Lives (Blood Brothers #1)
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Did I deserve the punishment I received for a violent crime I had no memory of committing? I have no way of knowing, but if it really had been me whoíd caused such injuries to the woman Iím supposed to have harmed, Iím the last man on earth who an innocent virgin should be forced to marry.

Unable to trust myself, my cockís seen nothing but my own hand for the past three years. But now, under the desert sun blazing on the sands of Amahad this woman is being delivered to me. A wife for political reasons, and the contract sheís agreed to and signed, puts it on her to bear my child.
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Will I hurt her? Black out like I did before? Lose my control and force her?

And how will she cope in an alien environment, married to a stranger?

The emir has decreed the arrangement will need to last only five years. Can we survive together that long, or will it lead to the destruction of us both?


Iím being punished for a fraud my father carried out on the Arabic country of Amahad, stealing money from the desert tribes whoíd struggled to find funds to invest in discovering oil under their sands. They want retribution, and itís me who has to pay the price.

I live as a recluse, I donít show my face in public, scarred so badly by childhood acne. Iím not Arabian princess material, I work as a forensic accountant for heavenís sake.

Iím the last person anyone would want to marry, let alone a handsome desert sheikh.

I donít know what Iím afraid of most, being forced into the arms of a stranger, or him turning me away, unable to perform the duties of a husband due to the unattractiveness of his wife.

A five year sentence. Five years of being forced out of my shell, and into a world I know nothing about.
Will I survive?

Stolen Lives is a steamy hot love story set in the fictional Arab state of Amahad. It has scenes of violence and hot steamy sex with BDSM themes so is not suitable for an audience under the age of 18.