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Stormy's Thunder (Satan's Devils MC Utah #2)

Iím a man haunted by my mistakes of the past. Iíd achieved my dream, lost it, then found my place with the Satanís Devils MC. Of course, being me, I blew that as well. Worse, I walked out on my brothers.

Is this who I want to be? Of course itís not, who sets out to be a failure?

When I get an opportunity to become a new man, I grab it with both hands, but before I can make the most of the chance, history catches up with me. I become snared in a web from which I canít escape and at its centre is a spider intent on killing me.

Itís too late for redemption, unless I beat the odds and stay alive. But damn it, itís hard. How can one body take so much punishment and not die? It wouldnít be possible unless a man is driven to protect the woman he loves.

Because if I donít survive, neither will she.