Targeting Dart (Satan's Devils MC #1)
Targeting Dart



I laughed when I first saw her auditioning at our strip club. Sheís polar opposite to the type of women that attract me. Obeying the hands off rules the club has for the strippers is going to be easy. But when she needs a friend I find Iím there offering my support.
But Iím there when she needs someone to lean on, and slowly we build a friendship. Somewhere along the way things start to change and I find that I want her, all of her, the complete package.

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I didnít know that I was going to lose her before I could make up my goddamned mind and decide whether I could consider making a commitment. Nor that it would bring down things on my club, the like of which weíve never had to deal with before.


Dart may be straight up sex personified but I am not his type. He goes for statuesque blonds not short, curvy black girls like me so I will settle for what I can get and thatís being his friend.

Just when I think there might be more to us than friendship he throws it all away. Heís never going to change, and Iím done being second best and I am done with Dart.
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