Targeting Dart


Iím just your normal average member of the Satanís Devils MC. Iíve no desire to be an officer, happy to ride in the middle of the pack enjoying the biker life-style to the full.

No commitments.

Nothing to tie me down.

I friend-zoned Alex when I learned her demons. Happy to help her fight them. That was all, wasnít it?
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I hadnít a clue helping Alex was going to challenge me and my club in ways weíve never been challenged before.
I didnít know Alex would get under my skin and stay there. Nor that her sick son would change my life.

Had I left it too late to admit my true feelings? Had I lost her before I could explore my strange attraction toward her?


I needed money to save my son's live. Desperation led me to audition as a stripper.

I didnít realise my new occupation would gain me a friend, a man who for once stepped up beside me. It wouldnít, couldnít be more.

My feelings grew. I gave Dart the power to hurt me.

But my biggest enemy was still out there and coming for me. My ex wants me back, this time to kill me. He'll take my son, a son he denies has anything wrong with him.

Would Dart be able to take on responsibility necessary to rescue me?