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Warts an' All

Wicked Warriors MC Arizona Chapter
Bleeding Souls saved by Love (Wicked A Bad Boy Biker Motocycle Club Romance)

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Iíve seen her around with her airs and graces, making out she was better than the rest of us. Head held haughtily high, nose in the air as if the everyone else was beneath her. She had it all, a rich daddy, a fine mansion, fast cars. Yeah, that princess wanted for nothing.

Iíve seen her, but sheís never seen me. Until she needs my help that is. Then she comes crawling, words sticking in her throat as I make her beg.

Grovelling to a biker clearly hurt. Every word out of her mouth was a lie. She said sheíd thank me with no thought to paying her debt.

But I know not everything in her perfect life is what it seems. Iíve got the power to bring this snooty princess down to my level. Iíve got her daddy in the palm of my hand.

She owes me, but his debt is bigger. He wonít think twice giving her to me as payment.

Love? Nah, that doesnít come into it. Iíll show her who gets looked up to around here, and itís not her.