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Grumbler's Ride (Satan's Devils MC San Diego #2)

Note: This book is dark in places and may contain triggers.


Iíve given this club more years of my life than I care to remember, most recently giving them my all as sergeant-at-arms. My life is settled and just the way I like it. Iím too old to change now.

Iíve never had a woman to call my own, nor fathered kids, and never felt I missed out. My brothers sometimes joke my motorcycle is my old lady, and I canít argue.

So when a photographer wants to feature my baby I canít resist showing her off. It should have been simple, instead it brought complications that I never dreamed off.


Iím a frazzled single mom of a seventeen-year-old girl whose life seems to revolve around challenging me. Sheís not quite adult, but doesnít see herself as a child, constantly pushing at boundaries.

I spend my time trying to keep one step ahead of her, but if I give an inch, she takes a mile. Her latest endeavour? To model for a perfect stranger. Oh, the battles when I said she wasnít going without me as chaperone.

I was right, something was off about the situation, but what it was took a while to emerge. I canít imagine how Iíd have coped if it hadnít been for the gruff biker called Grumbler.